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Digipen Institute of Technology         (Senior Year)

The universe isn't large enough for you to

run from yourself.

A small chapbook featuring a number of short stories.

Discovering Yourself

There are 5 stories in the chapbook in total. In all of them, I believe that the characters were trying to find something. This thing could either be the answer to a mystery, or a part of themselves that they needed to awaken.

For the first story, "Pseudoscience",  I wrote a story about two teenagers visiting a haunted house and being attacked by a real ghost. One of them proves to be so annoying and snotty that even the ghost doesn't know what to do. Putting characters archetype associated with serious situations out of their element is a type of humor I enjoy doing.

For the second story, "From Ashes", I wrote about a man being "reborn" by leaving a toxic relationship behind.

The third one, "Clawing for Cards", revolved around children, card games, and a mountain of cats in a trenchcoat. Though it is a bizarre story, there's still a core message in that sometimes pragmatic and simple solutions are better than elegant and complex ones.

The fourth, "Escape from the Embrace", was a story about someone who lost their way trying to get up again, escaping from a predictable but meaningless life.

The last story, "Planet Jumper Girl", is a story about an alien girl who can jump large distances. Eventually, she even manages to jump across planets and to the ends of space. In this story, I used the theme of space to create a feeling of loneliness. I also implemented an aspect of the character's hair changing depending on her emotions, reinforcing her alien nature while also letting the audience connect more with her.

Extra Comments

I think out of all the stories, Planet Jumper Girl was definitely my favorite. The primary inspiration for the story was Nanawo Akari and Yunomi collaboration song "Planetary Message". It was a song that used space-related terms to convey loneliness and longing, so I wanted to do that too.

Despite the story not really having any combat, the protagonist was very much inspired by Dragon Ball's Son Goku. A hair-color-changing alien with superpowers landing on Earth and then going on space adventures, though the context is quite different!

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