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Bubble Tea Fantasy

Thammasat University         (Freshman Year)

Team Size : Solo                      Engine : Physical

"Well, she hasn't kicked you yet. So you're probably doing SOMETHING right!"

A Touhou Project fan game where you and another player must make bubble tea for Reimu to compete for her heart.

bubble tea fantasy.png

A Beautiful Battle!

Screenshot 2023-04-06 214305.png

In this game, players have to take turns selecting different colored marbles to put in their bubble tea for Reimu. Depending on the color, there are different point bonuses or penalties. Whoever scores the most points with their bubble tea by the end wins Reimu's heart. 

But the battle isn't just about picking better colors than the other player, for Reimu herself is also an important factor! As the game progresses, players have to flip and reveal cards that indicate Reimu's preference. Depending on the results, a previously good color can turn into a heavily penalizing color, while a bad color can turn into a game-winner.

Though the are many interpretations of her character, Reimu can sometimes be seen as unpredictable and hard to read. So the preference mechanic was introduced to push that aspect of her character.

To introduce an element of strategy, "Advice Cards" were added. These cards represented Reimu's friends (?) giving the players advice, and have different effects.

These cards could turn the game around, either by shifting the points balance directly or letting you manage around Reimu's preferences easier.

From the game component, mechanics, and aesthetics, everything is designed to give a cute and cozy feel. 

Extra Comments

Initially, I had an idea for a Touhou Project-themed "sim date" card game in my head. When the "strategy" topic came up as an assignment, I decided to make a game that focused on the character of Reimu in specific.

She was the protagonist with a very iconic design, I felt her character fit the theme of the game well, and also she was one of my favorites, so it all works out!

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