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Meathus Sornthanayodsakorn

GAME DESIGNER                 

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System Design


DigiPen Institute of Technology         (Senior Year)

Team Size : Solo                                     Engine : Unity

A 2D action platformer where your health drains down with time, and the only way to stay alive is to defeat enemies and steal their spirit energy!

Spirit Cutter is a game that emphasizes fast-paced risk-and-reward combat. Do you play it safe and get a small amount of health back? Or do you go in for special kills that allow you to recover more?


There is also a plethora of movement options ready at the player's disposal.

The game features two playable characters with different mechanics.


DigiPen Institute of Technology          (Senior Year)

Team Size : Solo                                        Engine : Physical


A tabletop RPG  with an intuitive but expressive character customization system and action resolution mechanics.

Also featured a unique "hobby system" that encouraged players to have their characters engage in side activities.


Touhou Project Fangame                    Team Size : Solo                                   

Engine : RPGmaker MV                         Release Date : Uh...

An RPG where instead of leveling up, you have a "deck system" where you can equip stronger cards to your character.

These cards can boost your stats and give you new abilities entirely.


Card Game Design

MaNNgic :
The Gathering

Thammasat University                     (Freshman Year)

Team Size : Solo                                Engine : Physical

A fan card game based on Valve Software's popular multiplayer online shooting game, Team Fortress 2.

The game allows the players to pick a 3-man team from the 9 iconic classes of Team Fortress 2. The players can also then equip optional cards to personalize their teams.

Other features include : 

  • 3 different game modes.

  • A respawn mechanic based on the original game's mechanic of respawning.

  • A reload mechanic that allows the player to mulligan cards at the cost of tempo.

bubble tea fantasy.png

Thammasat University                      (Freshman Year)

Team Size : Solo                                  Engine : Physical


A Touhou Project fangame where you and an opponent compete to make bubble tea for Reimu,

the series' protagonist. 

Uses a system based on marbles of different colors to keep track of points, and a "preference"

mechanic that represented Reimu's unpredictable mood while introducing a random element into the game.


Characters & Dialogue


Thammasat University                     (Freshman Year)

Team Size : 4                            Engine : RPGmaker MV

An RPG game.

The player plays as Breta, a girl who struggles to find self-worth. She takes on an assisting role to an unappreciative friend and must learn that she is just as equally important in this two-person. team.

I wrote all the character bios and dialogue for this game. As the director, I was also heavily involved in all aspects of the game as well. The art for human characters, UI, and cutscenes was also done by me.

Screenshot 2023-02-05 214109.png

DigiPen Lan Party Game Jam             

Team Size : Solo                                     Engine : Unity


A short visual novel about a boy who is keeping a secret under wraps... and his giant robot boyfriend.

Combines humor and romance for a motherboard warming story.


A small chapbook featuring a number of short stories.

A haunted house investigation went wrong, an abusive spouse and a dragon, a strange card battle, a magical city, and a story about a girl who can hop across planets, all in one!




Digipen Institute of Technology         (Senior Year)

Team Size : Solo                               Engine : Physical

A tabletop RPG game set in a post-apocalyptic world with both modern and fantasy elements.

There are many locations an adventure can take place on, be it on school grounds, on moving cities, or even in mirror dimensions.

Besides the lore for important figures and organizations, there is also worldbuilding for everyday life in the world. Plenty of small items reference and parody other items in our world, giving the players a familiar but new environment.

Screenshot 2022-12-05 052114.png


A dark sci-fi game where you play as a shadow creature trying to escape a laboratory. I worked on writing worldbuilding aspects for the game, and assisting artists with environment design. Also collaborated on the level design as well.


DigiPen Institute of Technology          (Senior Year)

Team Size : 22                                           Engine : Unreal

A Minecraft location I made in a friend's modded Minecraft server during my spare time. Originally just a treehouse atop a mountain, I decided to expand

the location to be a place with its own lore.

I utilized level design to give this location a sense that it's lived in and to make the place fun to navigate.

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